• ambitious
  • happy
  • caring
  • active
  • inquisitive

A very warm welcome to our school.

At Roskear we aim for our school to be a welcoming, purposeful and positive learning environment. We believe in making learning exciting and engaging for all our pupils through a rich and varied curriculum which offers opportunities in the classroom, outside, after school clubs and outdoor educational experiences.

We want our children to experience the joy of discovery, we want learning to be fun and we always want to challenge pupils to do their best. Good assessment and tracking systems mean that we are aware of every child’s educational needs and we have staff with the knowledge and experience to support individual pupil progress.

Parents are always welcome whether to discuss your child’s progress, to help with reading or to join our parents association. We are a school that welcomes you to become an active part of our community by sharing your skills and spending time in school.

We aim for Roskear to be a school where:

  • Enquiring minds that want to know more are developed.
  • Achievements of individuals are valued.
  • Pupils are encouraged to be independent, imaginative, creative and resourceful.
  • We believe in initiative and that all have the potential to contribute.
  • We foster a sense of justice, self-discipline and personal responsibility.
  • Pupils are equipped with the social, academic and communicative skills for life.
  • Tolerance is fostered alongside an appreciation of different faiths and cultures.