Apply Online

It's important to be safe online whether you are inside or outside of school. As a school we have developed the following 3 Online Safety Golden Rules. Each of these rules has a few more specific sub-rules which we expect our KS2 children to be able to understand. Each classroom has a copy of these rules and there is a display in the ICT suite of the children's posters based upon these rules.
Treat personal information like your toothbrush (keep it to yourself)!
  • I will not tell other people my password
  • I will not talk to people online if I do not know them
  • I will not share my personal information with people I do not know
  • I will not put pictures or videos of other people online if they do not want me to
Tell an adult if you are unsure (on computers, tablets or phones)
  • I will not open messages if I do not know who it is from
  • I will not open or download any strange pop ups
  • If I see something that upsets me I will tell an adult
Think carefully about your actions (towards others and equipment)

  • I will not be silly or mess around with the computers or iPads as I could break them
  • I will not deliberately save or send anything that is nasty
  • I will ask an adult if I can go on a computer and only use the activity that they have told me to use
If I do not follow these rules, I may not be allowed to use electronic devices.