Curriculum Intent and Overview

Learning: For a better future  
Our curriculum is driven by learning and understanding about the past, present and future and 'our' place with in it
Curriculum aims:
 Our aims are broad and focused on learning to learn as well as specific knowledge and skills.
  • We want our learners to be able to read, write and be numerate and be knowledgeable, but also understand how to gain knowledge for themselves from the world around them
  • We want our pupils to have confidence and independence as learners to think for themselves.
  • We want our pupils to have  developed skills for employability such as emotional literacy, social communication skills, thinking and problem solving capacity.
  • We want our learners to have a knowledge of the world around them and a sense of self and place so they become engaged citizens, with life choices available to them.
  • We want our learners to value each other and act in a responsible, ethical way.
Our curriculum, at Roskear, is designed to provide pupils with a sense of place and purpose in the world they live in now and for the future. We have developed a fully comprehensive 3D curriculum  ( making  vertical, horizontal and diagonal links)  that meets the requirements of the  National Curriculum, providing pupils with the requisite skills and knowledge to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education.Our  curriculum  is grounded in the strongest available evidence about how pupils learn and retain knowledge in the long term – focusing in particular on research from cognitive science

The content and challenge of our topics inspire children to nurture a passion for learning and prepare them for life as a global citizen in a fast-changing and interdependent world. It provides opportunities to explore complex and controversial global issues they may encounter through the media and their own experiences. The curriculum enables pupils to develop their skills as agents of change and see how they can work together to develop and create a more sustainable future.

While knowledge is integral to the design of the curriculum, a holistic approach is key. An approach where pupils can access a knowledge-rich, vocabulary focused curriculum whilst building on skills is just the beginning. Inspiring our pupils to be articulate, healthy, compassionate, global citizens whilst finding their passion- whether it is in writing, science, sport, music, design or art- is the end goal.