Parent Presentations

At Roskear school we take Online Safety very seriously as technology develops at a fast rate. We aim to give parents as much help as possible.

Mr Post has given many brief Online Safety presentations after each class assembly to pose questions to parents that will help deal with common Online Safety issues. These presentations can be seen below. If you have any questions about these or any other Online Safety issues please do not hesitate to contact Mr Post who will try to help wherever he can.
Online Safety Golden Rules
  • Treat personal information like your toothbrush(keep it to yourself)!
  • Tell an adult if you are unsure (on computers, tablets or phones).
  • Think carefully about your actions (towards others and equipment).
Setting Google SafeSearch
  • Google SafeSearch and what it does
  • How to set on computers and tablets
Games Ratings
  • PEGI and their ratings explained
  • PEGI ratings descriptors explained, e.g. discrimination / violence
  • PEGI OK label for on-line games
Games Consoles
  • Does your child have a games console in a private space?
  • Do you have parental controls set on those games consoles?
  • Does your child play on-line?
  • Does your child know all of the friends that they have on their games console?