PE & Sport Premium

PE and Sports Premium Funding
Since September 2013 additional funding has been made available to primary schools to support the teaching of PE and sports. £9400 has been available to Roskear Primary and Nursery School each year.
The aims of this funding have been to improve the quality and breadth of PE sporting provision, including increased participation so that pupils develop healthy lifestyles and achieve the performance standards they are capable of.
Across 2013 – 14 the key priorities for Roskear were to:
  • Ensure that every child received high quality PE teaching, through the training of teachers and employment of additional coaching specialists.
  • To create opportunities for pupils to participate in sporting competition both within our school and between other schools.
In 2014 - 15 we built on the success of the previous year's work, maintaining high quality PE provision and competition opportunities. In addition a key focus was to educate our children and families in the adoption of healthier lifestyles.
In 2015 - 16 we will be further improving our assessment procedures linking all aspects of PE and welfare and using this information to target teaching accurately. In addition we will be helping our pupils to use their knowledge of healthy lifestyles to make healthy choices, including the time tabling of additional fitness sessions.
For further, detailed information of specific plans and costings please use the links below: Our 2018-19 document can by clicking the link below This will be reviewed in April.