Safer Internet Day 2018

This year, Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday 6th Feb, with Roskear using the entire week to raise awareness of Internet Safety. By clicking on the headings below, you can see the activities each year group took part in.
Our Online Safety Prefects and newly appointed KS2 Digital Leaders presented an assembly to the whole school with the focus of:
Create, Connect and Share Respect
They discussed several common situations with the school and what the correct response to them should be. 
On Wednesday, our Online Safety Prefects read Digiduck's BIG Decision to the reception classes and then again to the Parents after their kite making day. This is a great story about how the main character, Digiduck, is going to post a funny photo of his friend Proud.pig on their social network (the Family Farmyard). Digiduck is visited by Wise_Owl, who shows the effect this picture can have on Proud.pig in the future.
You can read the story by clicking the link below.
Year 1
Our Year 1 classes were encouraged to bring in a picture from home ‘Show and Tell’ with their whole class. They discussed the reasons why we take photographs, how they make us feel and what we would like to take a photograph of in the future. They also discussed about who can put pictures up online and what to consider when doing this. With the help of the Online Safety Prefects, the children then took a quick quiz all about posting photographs online and now they are on their way to being Safer Internet Heroes!
Year 2 
We set up a pretend scenario where the class believed that the teacher had brought in their personal laptops from home. They had just started playing Minecraft and wanted some help from the children. While playing the game they were joined by a new person called friendlyperson123 who was very helpful. This person asked a lot of personal questions to try and find out as much as they could about the teachers and to try to arrange a meeting! The teachers asked the class what they thought they should answer to each question and why.
It turned out to be Mr Post in his office pretending to be someone else! When the class were told the truth, Mr Post talked to them about the importance of not sharing personal information when talking to people when on-line. Below is a screenshot from one of the conversations. Mr Post then ran through an activity with the class discussing what information the children can share with people online and what they should keep in their safe.
Year 3
Year 3 discussed a wide range of Online Safety topics, such as Social Networks and Cyberbullying. The classes then took a competitive quiz to see who had remembered the Online Safety topics. The classes then created posters which will be laminated on an area of Online Safety of their choosing. These posters will be bound together to create a book that we can use in the future. This book will be kept in the classes to use as a resource in the future.
Year 4
Year 4 discussed what qualities you need to be a good friend. They then also discussed what they could do to ensure that they are good friends online. After this discussion the children created WANTED posters to show all of the good qualities they would want from their friends online and included the reward they would give if they found someone who matched these qualities.
Year 5 & Year 6
Year 5 & 6 discussed what a pledge means. We decided that a pledge is a promise! The children then decided on a pledge that they would make to do something positive online. We put these jigsaw pieces together to show how our pledges can work together to make the Internet a better place. These pledges can be seen in the IT suite.