The Great Fire of London

13th June 2019

On Thursday 6th June 2019, us Year 5 children took part in our late exit point to the topic “London’s Burning” (it was postponed due to other activities). Last term, we made houses (we made them look like Tudor houses) ready to be set alight and burnt – a bit like the actual fire! This took place on the KS2 playground at Roskear School. The rest of the school watched too!


First, we waited for the fire brigade to turn up. Miss M-M and Mrs Callaghan set up the houses whilst Mr Forder and Miss Jacobs put cones around the fire (to keep us safe)! Once they had arrived, we saw them carrying a huge hose from the fire engine! After they tested the hose, Robbie (a fireman) came around to ask some questions about the fire.


Next, the fireman ignited the houses. At first, it looked a little dull. But suddenly, the flames grew stronger. Fantastic sights filled our eyes as the crackling flames (akin to the actual fire in 1666) flickered and burned. It was as spectacular as a firework festival! The fire took my breath away; people were screaming in delight. I said to Robbie, who was standing next to me, “I can imagine the screams of the frightened people in the fire!”


After the fire started dying, the fireman got their hose ready. Nathan in St Blazey class was lucky enough to help put the fire out (because it was his birthday today)! Nearly every building had been consumed by the flames. I was thinking how I had really enjoyed this fantastic event…Just at that moment, I noticed something. Every house had been burnt, apart from one tiny house! I couldn’t believe it! I stood there, flabbergasted!


I really enjoyed watching the fire: itwas beautiful, memorable and made me feel like I was going to explode with excitement at any second! I would recommend it to the next Year 5’s as it was so much fun! I would like to say thanks to the fire brigade as well for such an exciting time.


Recount by Y5 Pupil