Year 1

Brilliant Bodies
In this Unit the pupils will find out about the 5 senses and which part of the body each one of these senses is associated with. They will use these senses to explore their school grounds and create a sensory area for themselves and other pupils to enjoy.
Animal Allsorts
In this Unit pupils will find out about the many different animals that exist in our world and what makes them special. They will find out how to categorise animals based on different criteria; type of animal and what they eat. They will use this knowledge to write information texts for their own best care pet centre!
The Big Build
In this Unit pupils will explore how we use materials to change the world around us. Linked to the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, pupils will have the opportunity to construct ‘houses’ for the pigs from different materials.
How does your garden grow
This Unit will incorporate the concepts of growing, by getting the pupils to become plant hunters who go on an exciting journey, discovering both real and fantasy plants.
Around the world
We will be looking at the geography of the world. Comparing Camborne with the arctic. We will be using maps to locate journeys to school etc We will be look at inuit art. Also our history will be looking at significance of Ranulph Fiennes. During this topic we look into the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers.
By the sea
In this topic we will be looking at ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. We will be continuing with geography looking at our surroundings and where we live. In science we will explore the best materials for making a boat. In art we will look at the local work of David Hosking.We will also learn about the significance of Grace Darling.