Year 2

Wild Things
We will be learning all about animals and their habitats. We will be learning the names of the continents and oceans. The story we will be learning and innovating is ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.
The Mousehole Cat
We will be learning all about Mousehole and describing where it is. Our story is ‘The Mousehole Cat’ by Antonia Barber and we will be changing the characters and setting to write a new overcoming the monster story. In science we will be looking at the properties and uses of different materials.
Kings, Queens and Castles
In this Unit pupils will study and compare the reigns of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth the second. They will look closely at the Diamond Jubilee celebration and recreate a traditional street party.
Sowing and Growing
This Unit explores commercial farming and growing our own food and plant products, the conditions necessary to do so and the ways plants can be used.
Through the Keyhole
In this topic we look at the Victorians and what life was like for them. We investigate similarities and difference between our toys and Victorian toys and even dress up as Victorians for the day and experience what school life was like for them.
Around the world in 35 days
In this topic we look at wildlife from around the world, research famous explorers and create treasure maps.