Year 3

Scavengers and Settlers
This is a topic all about life in Britain during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iton Age. We will be looking at cave paintings, houses, food and dietary changes in each Age. We will also be doing an in-depth study of Skara Brae and the local site, Carn Euny. 
Shake, Rattle and Rock
A topic all about rocks, fossils and soil. We will be looking at how rocks are formed and exploring the different types of rock. We will learn about fossilisation and investigate different types of soil. After learning about rock types, we will explore plate tectonics and find out about famous volcanoes around the world and earthquake hot spots.
Rampaging Romans
A look back at Ancient Rome and the influences it had on Britain. This is historical based unit that will be full of excitement and fun.
Super Humans
During this science topic we will be looking at the muscles and skeletons of humans and exploring how these systems work. We will also explore artwork that shows movement and use our knowledge of nutrition and cooking to design healthy meals for super humans!
Feel the Force
This science based topic will explore forces and magnetism. We will investigate forces and learn about magnetism and light/shadows. During the topic we will have the chance to carry out investigations and report back on our findings.