Year 4

Chocolate Champions
We will be learning about the digestive system and the origins of chocolate. We will also be doing some baking!
Vicious Vikings
In this topic, we will explore the history and geography of the Vikings, studying where they came from and where they settled. We will also research the importance of the kings in the Anglo-Saxon times. We begin the topic with a Viking day!
This Unit looks at the mythology surrounding Dragons around the world. Why are there so many stories about them and why do they fascinate us so much?
Amazonian Adventures
As well as studying the river, the land surrounding it and the people who populate it, pupils will also study some of the more unusual aspects of this amazing river.
Illuminating Electrics
We will be learning all about electricity and circuits. We be learning about the fantastic things that electricity allows us to do and all the things that we use that need electricity.
Kernow bys Vyken
We will be learning all about Cornwall, looking at local artists and history. We will study our local area and the traditions and hope to make our own pasties.