Year 5

Space Invaders
In this Unit pupils will be exploring beyond earth and considering where and how it fits into the solar system. They will also consider our moon, the sun and will explore the phases of the moon and seasons.
Alchemy and Attenborough
In this unit we will be learning about the life cycles of humans, animals and plants as well as investigating properties of materials.
Ancient Greece
In this Unit pupils will explore Ancient Greece through Theatre, Myths, and Logic. They will identify what we have learned from the Greeks and how their culture can influence us with ideas, even today.
Mystical Mayans
A study of the Mayans. Were they the first writers, mathematicians and stargazers? What can they tell us about these things that are still true today.
London's Burning
In this historical Unit pupils learn about everyday life in London during the 17th Century. Frost fairs, bear-baiting, coffee houses, quack doctors and toxic cosmetics are amongst the many different curiosities pupils will enjoy learning about. They will also study in depth the impact of the Plague and Great Fire on the city and its people.
Poles Apart
In this topic the children will explore their world through their understanding of the world poles and regions. They will find out about the lives of famous polar explorers such as Robert Scott and learn the amazing tale of resilience by studying the expedition led by Ernest Shackleton.